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Rerouted Crew

Chap - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chap loves playing outside more than anything & it fuels his passion for Rerouted, even though it forces him to sit in front of a computer. Fun facts: Chap was once a professional poker player, has ADHD, & is married to a “lovely lady, his soulmate & life partner,” Samantha. Together, they have 3 dogs who love to join the adventures & two cats who don't love to adventure. You can often find them camping, where they sleep in the bed of a 2003 Toyota Tundra with all of the puppies. If you want to know more about Chap or Rerouted, just reach out. Chap is always happy to chat!

Cali - Head of Operations

Cali uses her 20+ years of leadership & management experience to ensure that our Rerouted crew is making amazing progress to create a great experience for you through the online platform! She believes that finding answers through creative & team-driven solutions drives impact. Cali holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Technical Communications from the University of Washington. Living out Rerouted's heart outside of work, you'll most likely find Cali fly fishing in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest (& beyond!).

Chris - Head of Finance

Chris has been adventuring since he was young, going on many backpacking trips through the Pacific Northwest. Working at Rerouted has helped connect his outdoor adventuring side to his work in a new & exciting way. Rerouted is constantly presenting new challenges & ways to apply the finance skills that he acquired working in corporate finance, equity research, & banking. Chris completed his WSP & FactSet modeling courses, along with holding a Master of Finance Degree from Bentley University - McCallum School of Business, he brings a varied set of financial knowledge & skills to ensure Rerouted's vision becomes a reality.

Samantha - Head of Marketing

Samantha, who also happens to be Chap's wife, loves the outdoors & has a passion for sustainability & equality. It is her mission to create a brand that people not only relate to, but are inspired by. The outdoors is where Samantha goes to find peace in her life. “There is nothing a bit of fresh air can't fix!” She holds a Bachelor of Communications & Psychology Degree & is currently working on her MBA at Suffolk University. Samantha brings a unique perspective to marketing at Rerouted helping the company reach its full potential.

Lodie - Head of Customer Care

Nothing is more important to Lodie than making sure Rerouted customers are happy with their experience. She gives every customer the “mom treatment” ensuring all questions & concerns are addressed in a timely manner. She is here for you!

Oksana - Head of Technology

It is Oksana's job to co-create the Rerouted platform based on our users' feedback. She is always working hard to build a product that will change the way resale is done, & “your input helps us do that.” She loves applying your feedback to develop an amazing experience & really enjoys steering the ship to make that happen. Oksana is a brainiac & her dual degrees in Computer Science & Linguistics are a true asset to the development of Rerouted.

Sasha - Senior Developer

As a full stack developer, it is Sasha's job to keep up with the ever-growing demands of the platform. The Rerouted platform is his baby & his hard work has brought it to life! If any of you have ideas or a wish list of features, please don't hesitate to reach out to tech because “Rerouted is for you.”