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Our Business Partners:

Morrison Outdoors Logo
Morrison Outdoors is the leading outdoor sleeping bag market for infants and toddlers. They are currently the only brand making baby sleeping bags meant for cold temperatures. Morrison has made the Little Mo for infants 6 - 24 months and the Big Mo for kids 2 - 4 years of age that come in two different temperature ratings - the synthetic bag rated for 40° and the down bag rated for 20°. Rerouted is working with Morrison to make sure that people can easily buy & sell their second hand Morrison bags to other families. We are psyched to have helped tons of people get more life out of their Big and Little Mo bags. :) Check out our Morrison Easy Exchange here!

Our Nonprofit Partners:

Rerouted aligns with organizations focused on wilderness access, education, and sustainability. As the world's human population grows and we spread out, it is key that we do all we can to protect our environment. We all need to make sure that we are taking care of Mother Nature every way that we can. Rerouted's team & business is committed to doing all we can to support organizations that act as boots on the ground. Please join us in this adventure by choosing second hand first with Rerouted!
Heirs To Our Oceans Logo
Heirs To Our Oceans, a California nonprofit, and U.S. 501c3, that was formed by youth, for youth, with a mission to support the next generation of leaders by connecting them in purpose, educating them on the environmental and humanitarian crises they are inheriting, and cultivating skills to make real-world change. Rerouted is fired up to work with H2OO. Their commitment to the ocean is one we truly sea. :) We appreciate all the hard work they do to get our oceans up to a high standard. They also do all they can to get the little ones involve. Just this year, we worked with H2OO to gear up 13 kids for their first outdoor adventure! We are lucky to have such an awesome partnership in the H2OO team.
Project Send It (Denver, CO)
Project Send It Logo

“Many children in Denver never get the opportunity to get into the mountains that are our city's majestic backdrop. They see them only from a distance and through the filter of an urban lens. How, they may wonder, does one whose world is concrete, traffic lights and constant noise explore those towering mastiffs of rock and land? In our increasingly tech-driven urban life, many are losing touch with the natural world and thus losing the ability to love and protect such vital places. Children are missing the opportunity to explore the world beyond our city streets, Project Send It aims to change that by introducing children to rock climbing. Project Send It's mission is to have the local climbing community introduce children from low-income families to adventures of the natural world and the lessons learned through rock climbing. Project Send It provides opportunities to build confidence, problem solve, be physically active, and interact with like-minded peers. All of these are skills that will carry over into the participants' day-to-day lives, helping to serve the climber's life and also their world at large.”

- From the Project Send It website:

"Climbing is a passion of the Rerouted founding team. We think that access to adventure is an invaluable resource for our sanity. We are so excited to support Ed and his volunteer army over at Project Send It. We are working on putting together some events in the Front Range to show our love."

"Since 1985, the Adaptive Sports Program New Mexico has enhanced the lives of children and adults with disabilities through recreation. With year-round programs in adaptive skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, and much more, ASPNM strives to enable program participants to stay active and healthy, build self-confidence and independence, and enjoy the New Mexico outdoors. ASPNM ensures that wilderness sports can be enjoyed by everyone responsibly. It is important to the rerouted co-op that community involvement is at the forefront of what we do. In order to make a difference, ASPNM has incorporated community in a beautiful way. They have established support from many channels to make their goals come true. Success is helped by having the support of people around you and by creating a culture. They prioritize year round activities and education making adventure sports more accessible for all.”

- From the Adaptive Sports Program NM website:

Rerouted is honored to work with Adaptive Sports Program. The work they do to support adventures for all is aligned with our mission. Gear is such a foundational piece of the puzzle and adaptive gear is especially expensive and hard to find.
Mountains Beyond Borders Logo

Mountains Beyond Borders is a big-picture nonprofit founded with the purpose of bringing international solidarity to outdoor opportunity youth programs. Globally-minded, our international team of volunteers collect gear, fundraise, and create leadership opportunities for small programs with big impact, from the US, to Venezuela, and even Fiji.

Rerouted is eager to work with MBB. They are doing some rad international work through climbing. We look forward to helping them with their efforts and sharing their content for our community.
Good Natured Learning Logo

“Good Natured Learning is on a mission to grow an equitable statewide nature based learning movement in public PK-12 schools across Colorado by building educator capacity and activating nearby nature for teaching and learning. We envision a very-near future in which Colorado's public school students and educators have routine, equitable access to Nature Based Learning's benefits - including mental and physical wellness, improved cognition, and enhanced social emotional skills - in school.”

The High Mountain Institute (Leadville, Colorado)

“The High Mountain Institute (HMI), a place where nature and minds meet, is a school in Leadville, Colorado. Our programming focuses on community living, wilderness experiences, leadership training, and rigorous academics. Students can come to HMI for a semester in high school, a summer, or a gap semester. HMI is a place where people grow to be their best selves, and learn to live with intention and connection to the natural world. Students leave HMI feeling empowered as leaders in their communities, and confident in their own abilities to make positive change.”

- From the HMI website:

The next generation is one of the most important assets that the world has to create change for the future of our planet. HMI has created an environment where students learn how to make a difference in an uncertain world. They teach leadership, ethics, confidence, etc. - all of the qualities needed in order to facilitate positive change. We know because our founder, Chap Grubb, is an Alumni! HMI is the exact type of applicable and necessary wilderness education Rerouted wants to promote. We would like to see more of this style of education instilled in our youth. We are proud to help support the next generation in their quest to create a better (and more adventurous) future.
The American Alpine Club (Golden, Colorado)

Since its founding in 1902, the American Alpine Club has been a force in helping safeguard our country's wild landscapes and natural treasures. Working alongside our members and partners, we focus on critical issues facing climbers and outdoor recreation nationally, such as keeping public lands pristine, wild, and open to human-powered recreation. All of us at the AAC find great joy and meaning in climbing, and we are committed to a thriving outdoor community sustained by healthy mountains and climbing landscapes for generations to come.

The future of climbing, and all outdoor recreation, depends on a bounty of healthy open spaces and the ability to visit and enjoy them. For this reason our policy focus areas are:

Protecting Public Lands - To ensure that public lands remain public, that they are well-resourced and that important conservation tools (like the Antiquities Act) are preserved so climbers can continue to practice their craft on the lands we love.

Ensuring Lands are Open for Human-Powered Recreation - To streamline and update exclusionary permitting policies to ensure that climbers, guides and other organizations can get the permits they need to provide facilitated climbing experiences.

Safeguarding Fragile Mountain and Climbing Environments - To understand our mountain and climbing environments, to promote sustainable use and effective management and to bring awareness to the impacts of a changing climate on the landscapes that inspire us.

Combating Climate Change - To mitigate the effects of climate change through political advocacy, scientific research, and developing resources for members to make sustainable choices as they plan trips and expeditions. As an outdoor community whose ethos is inextricably linked to healthy mountain environments, the AAC is committed to fighting climate change.

- From The American Alpine Club website:

The American Alpine Club is an institution in the Mountaineering and Rock Climbing community. They are extremely stalwart defenders of climbing history and our environment. We are always excited to join their Craggin' Classic Series every year. Stay tuned!
The Young Ascenders (Fort Collins, Colorado)

“Rock climbing offers a variety of unharnessed benefits that are not yet made readily accessible for youth. Some families have the privilege of enrolling their child in a climbing program, while others may never have the opportunity to find if the sport resonates with their child in a meaningful way. Each year, indoor rock climbing becomes more popular and accessible especially now that it is an Olympic Sport! The goal of The Young Ascenders is to make the benefits of rock climbing legitimately known and accessible. Our primary focus is youth resiliency & mental health. Rock Climbing helps us develop our social & emotional skills, ability to focus, depression & anxiety management, self-awareness, coordination, cognition, resilience, and other life skills. It is a powerful method of delivery for meaningful experiences, applicable metaphors and teachable moments that enriches our lives "off-the-rock".

YA is here to facilitate the exploration of meaningful experiences brought to us.” - Found on the Young Ascenders website.

Rerouted is excited to announce one of our newer partnerships. The Young Ascenders are doing incredible work to get more kids into climbing. They are working to educate and inspire our youth. The tools that they provide are a fantastic resource for the community. By supporting them, we know that more young ascenders get out to the crags!