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December 16, 2021

Repod-It! December 2021 Announcements

We are really stoked to bring you a bunch of new stuff on the Repod-It! feed in 2022. In this episode, I chat with you guys about all the new things we have ahead. First, we are going to reframe how we post our gear stories. We are also going to continue more Feature Series. We have one running about Mount Rainier right now, and will have more of those moving forward! We will be launching a new podcast focused on Skiing and Fishing - this will be posted on the Repod-It! feed for now, but sometime in 2022 we might move it to it's own new Rerouted Podcast feed. We are going to be looking into releasing some Repod-It! video content for you guys, but there will be more information to follow on the new podcast, and video! Lastly, we are going to be releasing another highlight reel this year, featuring all of our favorite moments of 2021 on the podcast! Tune in to find out more about all of these things!