The Rerouted Crew

Chap Headshot


Chap - I am the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rerouted. Obviously, I love playing outside more than anything. But, let's not focus on that. Here are a few interesting things that aren't so apparent. I have been a professional poker player for the past few years. I am ridiculously ADHD and would rather be anywhere else than staring at a computer. I am married to my lovely lady, soulmate & life partner, Samantha. We have 3 dogs who we love to adventure with & two cats who don't love to adventure with us. When we go camping we are sleeping in the bed of a 2003 Toyota Tundra with all of our puppies. If you want to know more - just reach out. I am happy to engage with all the rerouted crew!!

Samantha Headshot


Samantha - I am Rerouted's Head of Marketing & Brand Strategy. I am the team member that makes sure you all hear about the incredible things that we are creating at Rerouted. I am so excited watching all the pieces of this grand puzzle fall into place. I love the wilderness and am honored to have the opportunity to preserve and protect it. Through our commitment to Rerouted's mission I hope to build an amazing community with all of you! PS - trad is rad, addicted to crack climbing, climbing is my jam. :) 

Chris Headshot


Chris - I am the Head of Operations for Rerouted. I have been adventuring since I was young, going on many backpacking trips through the Pacific Northwest. Working at Rerouted connects me with that aspect of my life in a new and exciting way. This opportunity presents new challenges and ways to apply the finance skills I have acquired working in corporate finance, equity research, and banking. Having completed WSP and FactSet modeling courses, along with holding a Master’s in Finance (MSF) degree from Bentley University – McCallum School of Business, I bring a varied set of financial knowledge and skills to ensure the vision for Rerouted becomes a reality.

Oksana - Hello! I am the Head of Technology for the team. My job is to co-create this platform based on your feedback. We are working to build a product that will change the way resale is done - your input helps us do that. I love having full control over my work. I enjoy steering the ship and love hearing from all of you. My dual degrees in Computer Science and Linguistics are an asset. 

Sasha - I'm the Senior Developer at Rerouted. My job as a full stack developer is to keep up with the ever growing demands of the platform. My baby is the mobile app. If any of you have ideas, or a wish list for features, please don't hesitate to reach out. Ultimately, Rerouted is for you. 

Lodie - I'm the Customer Care Lead for Rerouted. Nothing is more important to me than making sure Rerouted Customers are happy with their experience. My team and I do everything we can to make sure all questions and concerns are addressed in a timely manner. We are here for you!