The Rerouted Team

Chap Headshot


Chap Grubb - I am the founder and Chief Executive Officer of rerouted. Obviously, I love playing outside more than anything. But, let's not focus on that. Here are a few interesting things that aren't so apparent. I have been a professional poker player for the past few years. I am ridiculously ADHD and would rather be anywhere else than staring at a computer. I am engaged to my lovely lady, Sammy. We have 3 dogs who we love to adventure with. When we go camping we are sleeping in the bed of a 2003 Toyota Tundra with all of our puppies. If you want to know more - just reach out. I am happy to engage with all the rerouted crew!!


Samantha Headshot


Samantha Brown - I am rerouted's Chief Operating Officer. AKA, the person that makes things happen. My role is to execute on the crazy ideas that come in the 100 hour work weeks we all spend together. Chap told the story about our family pretty effectively, he is the writer after all. I am so excited watching all the pieces of this grand puzzle fall into place. I love the wilderness and am honored to have the opportunity to preserve and protect it.


Carter Headshot


Carter Haun - I'm the guy who does all the computer stuff! I designed the website and created all the awesome features we have. if anything works (or doesn't) that's because of me! Originally I'm from Asheville NC, and I've been moving around the country ever since I graduated high school. I met Chap way back in college and after being in tons of different jobs and cities, when he told me about rerouted, it was the project I had been looking for for years! I immediately packed up and moved out to New Mexico to get to work!



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Brian Schoening - I am Rerouted’s Content Director. I host, produce, and edit the Repod-It podcast that you can listen to weekly on our website, (and soon on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and all of your regular media consumption platforms). I met Chap playing middle school lacrosse, spending a year as his back-up goalie. I grew up in the greater Seattle area, spending countless family weekends and summers in the mountains and the outdoors. I hosted a sports radio morning show on the campus radio station at the University of Puget Sound, KUPS, for three years, before earning an internship and position with 710 ESPN Seattle/KIRO Radio as the board operator for the Seattle Mariners network broadcast. I produced John Clayton’s “Schooled with the Professor!” NFL podcast, and spent two years as the board operator for the afternoon show on 710 AM. Chap reached out to me over a year ago to see if there could be a media aspect to Rerouted. I am thrilled to expand Rerouted’s presence in the media space, and create some really special content for all of you to enjoy!


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Chris Wilsey - I am the Director of Finance for Rerouted. I have been adventuring since I was young, going on many backpacking trips through the Pacific Northwest. Working at Rerouted connects me with that aspect of my life in a new and exciting way. This opportunity presents new challenges and ways to apply the finance skills I have acquired working in corporate finance, equity research, and banking. Having completed WSP and FactSet modeling courses, along with holding a Master’s in Finance (MSF) degree from Bentley University – McCallum School of Business, I bring a varied set of financial knowledge and skills to ensure the vision for Rerouted becomes a reality.