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Our Charity Partners:

Rerouted aligns with organizations focused on wilderness access, education, and sustainability. As the world's human population grows and we spread out, it is key that we protect our environment. We all need to make sure that we are taking care of Mother Nature every way that we can. Rerouted is committed to helping these organization make a significant impact.

New Mexico Wilderness Alliance- 

New Mexico Wilderness Alliance logo

Albuquerque, New Mexico

"The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance or NMWild is a nonprofit grassroots organization dedicated to the protection, restoration, and continued enjoyment of New Mexico’s wildlands and wilderness areas. We work to protect lands forever through administrative protection, federal wilderness designation, and ongoing stewardship.  We work with many diverse groups, including ranchers, sportsmen, land grants, acequia communities, tribal and religious leaders, scientists, youth, and community leaders. We are excited to be partnering with rerouted and their awesome mission. We are so grateful for their support of our work but also their support of so many other great organizations.  Working with rerouted is a win for everyone creating convenience to the daunting world of outdoor gear while supporting wilderness organizations who are out here making a difference. Thank you for your work and mission! Keep it wild!" - Will Ribbans,  Wilderness Stewardship and Outreach Manager

Project Send It

project send it logo

Denver, CO

Many children in Denver never get the opportunity to get into the mountains that are our city’s majestic backdrop. They see them only from a distance and through the filter of an urban lens. How, they may wonder, does one whose world is concrete, traffic lights and constant noise explore those towering mastiffs of rock and land?

In our increasingly tech-driven urban life, many are losing touch with the natural world and thus losing the ability to love and protect such vital places. Children are missing the opportunity to explore the world beyond our city streets, Project Send It aims to change that by introducing children to rock climbing.

Project Send It's mission is to have the local climbing community introduce children from low-income families to adventures of the natural world and the lessons learned through rock climbing. Project Send It provides opportunities to build confidence, problem solve, be physically active, and interact with like-minded peers. All of these are skills that will carry over into the participants’ day-to-day lives, helping to serve the climber’s life and also their world at large.

Adaptive Sports Program New Mexico-

Adaptive Sports Program New Mexico logo

Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Since 1985, the Adaptive Sports Program New Mexico has enhanced the lives of children and adults with disabilities through recreation.  With year-round programs in adaptive skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, and much more, ASPNM strives to enable program participants to stay active and healthy, build self-confidence and independence, and enjoy the New Mexico outdoors.
ASPNM ensures that wilderness sports can be enjoyed by everyone responsibly. It is important to the rerouted co-op that community involvement is at the forefront of what we do. In order to make a difference, ASPNM has incorporated community in a beautiful way. They have established support from many channels to make their goals come true. Success is helped by having the support of people around you and by creating a culture. They prioritize year round activities and education making adventure sports more accessible for all. The rerouted co-op is honored to work with ASPNM as they make people and wilderness their priority."
-Adaptive Sports Program NM Website Blurb. 

The High Mountain Institute-

High Mountain Institute Logo

Leadville, Colorado

The High Mountain Institute (HMI), a place where nature and minds meet, is a school in Leadville, Colorado. Our programming focuses on community living, wilderness experiences, leadership training, and rigorous academics. Students can come to HMI for a semester in high school, a summer, or a gap semester. HMI is a place where people grow to be their best selves, and learn to live with intention and connection to the natural world. Students leave HMI feeling empowered as leaders in their communities, and confident in their own abilities to make positive change. 
The next generation is one of the most important assets that the world has to create change for the future of our planet. HMI has created an environment where students learn how to make a difference in an uncertain world. They teach leadership, ethics, confidence, etc. - all of the qualities needed in order to facilitate positive change. It is the exact type of applicable and necessary education the rerouted co-op wants to promote. We would like to see more of this style of education instilled in our youth. We are proud to help support the next generation in their quest to create a better future. 
- From HMI's website.

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps.-

Taos, New Mexico 

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps offers paid community service opportunities to youth and young adults in a variety of conservation-based projects working in partnership with federal, state, tribal and local land management agencies. Projects may include a combination of trails construction, erosion control, invasive species control, forest restoration, and fire prevention activities. Throughout their service at RMYC, Corpsmembers receive on-the-job training and other personal and professional development opportunities. RMYC's mission is to be a stepping stone to new opportunities.  We inspire young adults to make a positive difference in themselves and their communities. Thorough training and service, Corpsmember discover their potential for healthy, productive lives.
The protection and conservation of our lands is crucial to the future of this country, and ultimately the world. Rocky Mountain Youth Corps. has made these fundamental ideals part of their mission, along with educating our youth on how to maintain them. The rerouted co-op is dedicated to serving the RMYC, and their mission to make a difference here in New Mexico. Their program is an inspiration, and one that has the potential to make a lasting difference. 
- From RMYC-NM website.

Access Fund-

Access Fund logo 

Boulder, Colorado

We are a community of climbing advocates who love our climbing landscapes and the experiences they offer—and we are willing and committed to fight for them. Not just for access, but for the integrity of these amazing places. We focus on six core programs to support our mission on national and local levels. 1) climbing policy and advocacy. 2) stewardship and conservation. 3) local support and mobilization. 4) land acquisition and protection. 5) risk management and landowner support 5) and education. Access Fund is a certified land trust, and advocates for climbers at the local and national levels and maintains active Memorandums of Understanding with the National Park Service, US Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management. 
The rerouted co-op was founded by a climber, so the Access Fund’s project resonates with us strongly. We have seen first hand what can happen to our climbing areas if we are not acting as stewards and conservationists. The Access Fund's mission to advocate and protect climbing areas around this country is fundamental to the progress of sustainability. Climbing is certainly the quickest growing and most easily accessible adventure sport. The increase in participation demands that we educate and inform people from the beginning. We see the necessity of the Access Fund’s mission and hope to inspire other outdoor wilderness adventure groups to follow in their footsteps as leaders in environmental protection change. 
- As found on their website 

The American Alpine Club-

Golden, CO 

Since its founding in 1902, the American Alpine Club has been a force in helping safeguard our country’s wild landscapes and natural treasures. Working alongside our members and partners, we focus on critical issues facing climbers and outdoor recreation nationally, such as keeping public lands pristine, wild, and open to human-powered recreation. All of us at the AAC find great joy and meaning in climbing, and we are committed to a thriving outdoor community sustained by healthy mountains and climbing landscapes for generations to come.

The future of climbing, and all outdoor recreation, depends on a bounty of healthy open spaces and the ability to visit and enjoy them. For this reason our policy focus areas are: 

Protecting Public Lands- To ensure that public lands remain public, that they are well-resourced and that important conservation tools (like the Antiquities Act) are preserved so climbers can continue to practice their craft on the lands we love. 

Ensuring Lands are Open for Human-Powered Recreation- To streamline and update exclusionary permitting policies to ensure that climbers, guides and other organizations can get the permits they need to provide facilitated climbing experiences.

Safeguarding Fragile Mountain and Climbing Environments- To understand our mountain and climbing environments, to promote sustainable use and effective management and to bring awareness to the impacts of a changing climate on the landscapes that inspire us.

Combating Climate Change- To mitigate the effects of climate change through political advocacy, scientific research, and developing resources for members to make sustainable choices as they plan trips and expeditions. As an outdoor community whose ethos is inextricably linked to healthy mountain environments, the AAC is committed to fighting climate change.

- As found on their website

Big City Mountaineers 

Golden, CO 

In the summer of 1989, Jim Kern bought an extra child’s plane ticket to take one of his son, Drew’s, friends along on a backpacking trip in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness in Montana. Drew couldn’t find a friend to go, so Jim decided to use it for a kid who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to explore the American West. Over the course of that week the seeds that would grow into Big City Mountaineers were planted. Jim realized that every kid deserved the chance to explore the Wilderness and experience the personal growth that only comes through rugged physical challenge. In 1990, Jim filed the paperwork and BCM was born.
For the next seven years BCM was entirely volunteer run, but Jim knew that we were capable of much more. Someone introduced him to the co-founder of JanSport, Skip Yowell, and Jim set up a meeting. Intending to ask for a handful of JanSport’s state-of-the-art external framed backpacks, Jim laid out his vision for BCM to Skip. That very day, Skip, and a team of executives at JanSport, handed Jim a $100,000 check – launching BCM into it’s future. Over 20 years, Skip drove funding to our organization from the outdoor industry, served on our board of directors, and became involved as a mentor on over a dozen trips! Skip’s sense of adventure and desire to give back is ingrained in the DNA of Big City Mountaineers. Jim remains in communication with the board and staff and continues to regale staff with stories of early BCM expeditions.
In 1998 we hired our first executive director and set up headquarters in Denver, Colorado,  eventually establishing hubs in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, and Boston. Today, we engage about 700 youth every year, maintaining Jim’s original vision of a 1:1 youth to adult ratio. We have served over 9,000 kids, conducted nearly 800 expeditions, organized over 5,000 volunteers, led over 100 overnight camps, and provided nearly 42,000 nights under the stars for kids that would not have had the opportunity without BCM. 

- As found on their website 


Climbers without Borders 

It all started with a climber, a dog, and a van.
On a perpetual climbing road trip around North America, a dirtbag climber visited several at-risk youth programs and was shocked by the lack of resources they had. Following a four-month-long trip of speaking and collecting donations at climbing gyms to help these programs, the “Move Mountains Tour” drove $10,000 in used gear to support Escalando Fronteras in Monterrey, Mexico.
In 2018, climbing without borders was born.  
CBW works with climbing gyms, gear brands and rock climbers around the country to bring gear, funding, and other resources to the youth and communities in the Americas that truly need help.
CWB has the mission to:
  • Empower at-risk youth through climbing
  • Help youth climbing programs
  • Engage youth in protecting their climbing areas

-As found on their website 

Taos Search & Rescue- 


Taos, NM 

Search and Rescue Taos is an all-volunteer, 501 (c)(3) non-profit community organization with high standards of professionalism and service.

We operate year-round in all of the off-road areas surrounding Taos, New Mexico, throughout the state of New Mexico and occasionally into Southern Colorado. Our team searches in all seasons. We search for lost hikers, climbers, hunters, campers, children, people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, skiers, snowmobilers, etc. We rescue persons injured in backcountry settings, which include the mountains, the high desert, and the Rio Grande Gorge. We are also called in for urban off-road searches. Our primary deployment is through the New Mexico State Police.

24 / 7 / 365...

On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, we provide training for all areas of expertise required on a mission.

This includes: litter packaging, medical scenarios, low and medium angle rescue, avalanche training, swift water training, search for downed aircraft, communications, navigation with map and compass, use of GPS, and computer search technologies. New volunteers are always welcome to apply.

We train and employ the following 10 Specialized Search Units: Base and Incident Command, Ground, Medical, K-9, Technical, Drone, Bike, OHV, Swiftwater, and Winter Skills. We operate a Mobile Command Unit and 4-Wheel Drive Response Unit. If you are looking for a way to serve your community, consider joining Taos Search and Rescue.

-As found on their website 

Adventure Therapy Collective- 

Golden, CO 

The Adventure Therapy Collective (ATC) is an international, non-profit group of researchers and practitioners committed to delivering effective clinical services, supporting the development of adventure therapy practitioners, and establishing partnerships to conduct ongoing research and education for the advancement of adventure therapy.

Though adventure therapy literature suggests adventure therapy be provided by mental health professionals, we acknowledge that there are many different professionals working in the field. Whether you are a field guide at a wilderness therapy program or a clinical psychologist provided adventure-based services, the ATC is an inclusive group dedicated to innovation within adventure therapy.  

If you have been to an adventure therapy conference you’ll know the quip that there are as many types of adventure therapy as those who provide it. The diversity of adventure therapy is something we celebrate. We know from our research that adventure therapy can be provided in residential, school, and community settings, evidenced by the many practitioners working in private practice.

If you are new to this field, welcome to the family! If you are looking for an adventure therapist or program, you are in the right spot. Our directory will be live in early 2019, and podcasts, research and education resources by March 2019!

-From ATC Website