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The Ultimate Beta for How to Sell Used Rock Climbing Gear cover
September 10, 2021

The Ultimate Beta for How to Sell Used Rock Climbing Gear

So, it’s time to sell some of your used rock climbing gear. Maybe you’ve decided your shoes are too tight, or you want to save your fingertips for mastering the violin, or perhaps you’ve chosen to give up climbing the old-fashioned way altogether, and want to get some rocket boots like Mr. Spock

Plenty of your used climbing gear is perfectly suited for a new climber looking for a bargain. You can sell used climbing shoes, camalots, and climbing nuts, as well as anything else you may want on the mountain that --clothing, chalk bags, tents. 

Here are some easy things you can do to sell this gear fast: 

1. Clean it up! 

Get your gear as clean as possible so it looks good in photos and can be assessed for wear and tear. 

2. Evaluate it! 

Is there any uneven wear on your shoes? Are those climbing pants torn? Note any damage for each item so that you can accurately describe it when selling. 

A little character is no problem as long as you’re honest about it. 

3. Take sharp photos in good lighting! 

Outside is where you will use this gear, and outside is a great place to photograph it. Bright natural light is good for your camera and your camalots. Cam it up with these quick smartphone photo tips!

4. Write detailed descriptions of each item.

Be sure to note anything a buyer might see in your photos, as well as the brand and year of manufacture.

5. Post your gear on!

You can check used gear postings to get a better idea of the price point at which you want to sell climbing nuts, cams, shoes, and more. Then, just fill out the details on rerouted’s sales portal to host your items with photos and descriptions, all by searchable categories. 

It’s that simple! Your used climbing shoes can now become part of someone’s new climbing experience. 

Safety Note

One of the most important aspects of selling used rock climbing gear is that you only want to sell gear that you would want to buy. Some of the equipment that is vital for safety is also difficult to inspect for integrity and is best not to buy used. 

Items Not to Sell: 

1. Helmets

When the rocket boots fail, nothing’s more important than protecting your noodle, especially when the only thing around to hit your head on is rock. A helmet’s integrity can degrade over years, or fail after a single drop, and sometimes the damage is not visible.

2. Climbing Rope

Like a helmet, your rope can weaken without your knowledge. UV exposure, improper storage, and absorbing falls can all significantly damage climbing rope. You may have properly handled your trusty rope and never taken a fall, but potential buyers don’t know that for sure. You don’t want to buy used rope, so you don’t want to sell your used rope. 

3. Climbing Harnesses

As with ropes and helmets, the wear and tear on harnesses can be hard to determine. 

Don’t despair! Your unsellable used gear can still be put to use. Stick a plant in that old helmet (it already has drain holes!), or use that harness as a hanging rack at home. Better yet, you can fashion your used harness into a climbing gear sling! 

Now Get Out There and Sell Your Rock Climbing Gear