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How to Sell Used Skis: 4 Tips to Sell Your Skis Fast cover
November 5, 2021

How to Sell Used Skis: 4 Tips to Sell Your Skis Fast

Picture it: the off-season is ending. 

Winter is coming. 

You’ve got new skis, but what to do with your old pair? 

The obvious option is to save them for years and years until you have enough skis to make a stylish used-skis fence around your home. 

Fast-forward. Year eight. You and your partner have each stored one pair of skis per season in the narrow crawl space under your garage. Enough to crowd all your storage, not enough for a fence. Their presence haunts you. Eventually, you throw them into a lake. The next morning, in a guilty daze over what’s happened, you go to the closet to get dressed and they’re in there, the skis, waiting for you. They tumble out into your arms when you open the door... 

Rewind. It’s now. You still have time to sell these haunted used skis, and it’s a lot easier than
constructing a fence. Just make sure to include a disclaimer about how they are potentially possessed by an evil spirit. We're all about full transparency here at Rerouted. 

Here’s how you can sell used skis online: 

Clean the skis. 

Warm water, a mild soap, and a sponge work well for removing grit and grime so that your skis look appealing in photos. Clean gear is also easier to thoroughly inspect for wear and tear. 

Assess the condition of your skis. 

Check to make sure their surfaces aren’t worn down from use and tuning, and there are no cracks or gaps that might have allowed moisture inside. 

If your skis have been mounted multiple times or repaired, they have a higher chance of internal weakening or damage. If they’ve been ridden a lot, they may have lost a significant amount of their stiffness. All these factors affect the value of the skis. 

Price your skis according to their brand, type, and year of manufacture. 

Skis are commonly compared to cars in terms of depreciation; you can expect to get about half of the new price for skis that are a year old, and less for each additional year. However, usable old skis are still valuable, and because new skis can get quite expensive, you can sell your used skis for a nice return. 

Your assessment of the condition of the ski will also affect their price, so make sure you’ve noted the wear and tear on them, and that you’re only selling skis you’d be willing to ski on. 

Photograph the skis in good lighting. 

Lay the skis on the ground or lean them against the wall. Ideally, they’ll be against a contrasting surface, and in bright, even lighting. Potential buyers will want to see the style and condition clearly. If you’re using a cell phone, there are several tricks you can use to get better photos. It’s especially important to take time to focus your shots and get an even exposure. 

List on Rerouted.

The hardest part of selling skis is finding a buyer, which rerouted can do for you! There are already tons of skiers connecting with people looking for an affordable used pair. 

Selling on Rerouted is the best way to get some value out of your used gear. It’s easy to list items by category, so people can find deals on exactly what they’re looking for. Save your closet and save some funds; let rerouted help you turn your former favorite gear into someone else’s new adventure!