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Where Is The Best Place to Buy Used Outdoor Gear? cover
May 28, 2021

Where Is The Best Place to Buy Used Outdoor Gear?

After picking the perfect location for a scenic outdoor adventure, you might be wondering where you should purchase the necessary gear. While you could outfit yourself (and accompanying party) with gear from a sustainable outdoor clothing company, instead, you should opt to shop here at Rerouted and purchase the gear with stories that our community has put up for sale! 

The reasoning for this is simple: used outdoor gear puts less strain on landfills, doesn't further consume natural resources or produce chemical waste, is less of a headache to buy at Rerouted, and it is less expensive at Rerouted than anywhere else.

Why Should I Buy Used Outdoor Gear When I Could Get it New?

If you know about the waste hierarchy; reduce, reuse, recycle, recover (incinerate), landfill; then you know that our current waste process for outdated clothes (to put them in a landfill or incinerate them) is the least environmentally friendly and treats clothes as a nuisance rather than a resource. The 14+ million tons of annual domestic textile waste that are incinerated or sent to a landfill is brutally toxic and detrimental to the climate. Top outdoor gear is generally high quality, built to last, and is the least susceptible clothing to throwaway culture. The ruggedness and durability of the gear means that purchasing second hand outdoor clothing is
suitable for both the avid outdoor enthusiast and the casual nature visitor. 

If you decide to buy new gear, buying from a sustainable company like Cotopaxi or Patagonia are great options. Although, you’ll do even more good for the environment if you buy Rerouted gear. Extending the life of gear already in existence is far more beneficial to the environment than buying new gear, even from ethical companies. Our rerouted community is actively trying to keep high-quality gear out of the landfill. By reusing existing outdoor clothes to outfit your
party for your next excursion, you are not only lessening the load on landfills, but you are also reducing the net quantity of new outdoor clothing that is purchased. 

Remember that... the most sustainable outdoor garments are ones that already exist. 

Reducing the total outdoor clothing that is purchased also reduces the total outdoor gear that is manufactured. The clothing you buy at Rerouted doesn’t consume further resources, nor does it produce excess toxic byproducts. Reducing net new consumption by purchasing gear from Rerouted is sustainable because it reduces the wastewater, the toxic disperse dyes, and the synthetic pollution (from petroleum products) that is created during the manufacturing of new outdoor clothing. The polyester top, durable water-resistant shell, and sporty pants that you find in our Rerouted community will keep you protected from the elements and help protect nature from unconscious consumers.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Buy Used Outdoor Gear?

Even though used outdoor gear can be purchased from sites like Craigslist, eBay, and the used sections of sporting goods or outdoor company stores, these sites have a few notable
drawbacks. While still environmentally beneficial, using sites similar to Craigslist or eBay (to purchase outdoor gear) can be headache-inducing when dealing with tricky sellers. On top of that, it’s often difficult to find products with the right technical specifications for your trip, and it's easy to find yourself wasting hours scouring the website on false leads. On the other hand, purchasing used gear directly from the stores of outdoor companies often proves to be impersonal and extremely expensive... Given these drawbacks, you might be wondering where is the best place for me to purchase used outdoor gear?

Rerouted Is the Ideal Place to Purchase Your Used Outdoor Gear!

Rerouted has an involved community of sellers who offer high-quality gear at reasonable prices and dedicated staff that is committed to reuse and sustainability. Each piece of gear
has more of its story left to tell in its continued lifetime. For you, as the consumer, this means that you’ll have access to the highest quality gear from name brands that are recognized and trusted by outdoor enthusiasts at wallet-friendly rates. If you are an adventurous spirit that is finding the perfect pieces of gear for future excursions and plans to subsequently use the gear until its stories have been told and the quality has worn down, you know that there is no point in spending the extra money to explore what mother nature provides for free. Keep
getting deals from our Rerouted community and spend all the money you saved on equipment to venture further into the wilderness and traverse new nooks and crannies of the natural world. On the contrary, you might be a first-time or temporary adventurer who finds gear from the Rerouted community that will serve you well for a few introductory trips into the wilderness. If you are the latter, note that after your experience you can resell the still-quality gear on Rerouted for another future outdoor enthusiast and Rerouted community member to realize their perfect adventure! 

To join our Rerouted community, and play a part in our mission to do the most possible good, simply take a few minutes to create an account and the results that are shown on the site will be tailored to your specific needs. 

No matter who you are or where you elect to shop, always remember to outfit your next wilderness adventure with sustainable outdoor gear. While your physical health and cognitive
function will benefit from contact with nature, your used outdoor equipment will play an active role in the defense and preservation of the wilderness. Stick around, browse, see what there is to find, and imagine the trips that there are to take. You can get all the gear you need and help decrease the 75% of clothing that never gets recycled by purchasing worthy, long-lasting merchandise from Rerouted!