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7 Best Hiking Boots for Under $100 cover
June 7, 2021

7 Best Hiking Boots for Under $100

Having a pair of reliable, high-quality hiking boots is of the utmost importance for your comfort, outdoor-longevity, and enjoyment of hiking. However, we are all more than aware of how high the price tags are for quality boots, especially at popular brands, such as REI or Patagonia. It's great if you can find a lightly used pair in your size, but you can't always get that lucky. This is why I’m here today to introduce 7 pairs of excellent hiking boots that you can find new for under $100. Let’s jump straight into it.

1. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boots: $90

These are a pair of heavy duty hiking boots, made with waterproof full-grain leather to withstand the toughest terrain. These boots also employ the newest technology, featuring Columbia’s Techlite lightweight midsole for comfort on the trail, excellent cushioning, and increasing energy returns with every step you take. Other than these features, these boots overall contains many of the qualities of an outstanding hiking boot: highly waterproof,
foot arch and tendon support, and rubber soles for grip. These boots are definitely on the high-end in terms of price on this list, but definitely a serious pair of hiking boots. However, if you’re looking for a pair of lighter boots for more flexibility over toughness, keep reading, as there are other lightweight boots for a great price further down my list.

2. Timberland White Ledge Men’s Boots: $80

These are another pair of excellent leather hiking boots. They don’t have as much advanced technology as the Columbia Newton Ridge Boots, but according to customer feedback, are
much more durable and have a significantly greater lifespan. Despite not having fancy technology, these Timberlands are overall much more well-rounded and are an excellent choice for first-time hikers who want a nice, but inexpensive pair of boots that can last years. Moreover, the boot is also relatively lightweight, making it suitable for various other outdoor activities aside from the hiking trail, such as camping, travel, or even yardwork!

3. Vasque Wasatch GTX Men’s Hiking Boots: $40 

These pair of boots are my all-time favorite pair of hiking boots. I’ve taken my own pair through countless mountain trails, streams, rough terrain, and with some cleaning and
maintenance, are still in pristine condition. Built with nubuck leather, these boots can withstand any weather, and have kept my feet warm on numerous occasions where other boots wouldn’t have been able to. Vasque has also done an excellent job with the inside of these boots, with outstanding sole and ankle support. Nowadays, these are pretty much the
only shoes I take out into the mountains, regardless of whether I’m day hiking or backpacking. The best part for you all is, these boots normally retail for well over $100 dollars, but I’ve managed to find a pair of them on Rerouted, a specialized outdoor used gear company, for
$40 dollars. I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price and was tempted to buy them myself! For anyone looking for a great deal, I would highly recommend checking out these pair of boots.

4. Wantdo Men’s Waterproof Hiking Boots: $70 

These pair of Wantdo boots are the ultimate lightweight boots. Made of lighter synthetic materials, these boots are perfect for trail running, day hiking and even just day to day
wear. The comfort levels of these boots are definitely its strong suite, as the soft interior molds into your foot for maximum comfort. Even though it’s made of lightweight materials, don’t overlook this boot’s durability. With strategic placements of rubber on its exterior,
water is blocked from entering, keeping your foot nice and warm in all kinds of weather. Rubber outsoles also provide an ultra-high traction grip in muddy environments and rocky surfaces. However, for longer hikes or backpacking, I’d recommend the more heavy-duty boots previously mentioned, but these boots are perfect for day trips or trail running.

5. Jack Wolfskin Women’s VOJO 3 TEXAPORE Low: $92 

Moving onto ladies hiking boots, I’m starting out with a classic Jack Wolfskin VOJO 3. With TEXAPORE low technology that allows fresh air to flow in and out while remaining waterproof, you really can’t go wrong with this pair of boots. Considering that it’s a lightweight boot, Jack Wolfskin’s VOJO 3 boots have great durability that can last for countless trips to the outdoors. Its lighter size also allows for lots of versatility and has lots of applications beyond the hiking scope. Additionally, these boots are made with 100% textile materials, so it fits great without having to break them in. The craftsmanship of these shoes is also of the highest quality; every stitch overlays to protect the longevity of the structure of the boots and the webbing lace loops for optimal tightening. I highly recommend these boots for hikers of all levels.

6. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 GTX: $45 

Merrell Women’s Moab 2 GTX boots have all the qualities you’d want in the most complete hiking boot. Made of synthetic leather for toughness and mesh for breathability, these boots
incorporate the best of both worlds. Based on customer feedback and reviews, these boots are even more popular than the Jack Wolfskin boots in terms of comfort, durability, and style, which is really saying something. Normally retailing in the mid-100s range, I’ve managed to
find one for only $45, again, from Rerouted, the outdoor used gear online store. I’d be rushing to get one before it sells out. Perhaps the greatest highlight of these boots is their comfort; looking at customer feedback, the way your feet fit in these boots make them almost feel
invisible. Regardless of uphill or downhill, the boots fit snuggly and don’t cause the dreaded abrasion that us hikers inevitably encounter with lower quality shoes. These boots are hands down one of the best boots I’ve seen in a long time, and will certainly last you many years.

7. XPETI Women’s Dimo Mid Hiking Boot: $74 

XPETI is a relatively new brand in the hiking scene, but have been consistently producing high quality boots, with their women’s Dimo Mid Hiking Boot being one of their highlights. As a heavy-duty pair of boots with great traction, you can take them anywhere, anytime of the year. Also, not too costly for the quality. One thing to be aware of is the sizing, as customers often end up with a tighter fit, so be sure to order a ½ size up of your normal size. The only real issue I have with these boots is its bulkiness, which could potentially make your movements slower and clumsier. However, you’d be thankful you got these boots if you often traverse rough terrains, as the boots’ ankle support is crucial to hiking in difficult terrain. I’d definitely recommend these boots for a serious hiker who consistently takes on ragged landscapes, but I’d point others to the previous recommended boots above.