Mission Page

The rerouted co-op helps people buy, sell and donate used adventure gear.

The rerouted co-op is a social enterprise founded on environmentally responsible development and passionate recreational sports education. We promise to defend and improve the wilderness experience for all. 

We choose to support nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to a similar mission. It is crucial to complement other nonprofits and work together. It’s crucial at this point in time to put our strength in numbers. We must organize and work in unison in order to make the cultural change necessary. 

While a simplistic example, Dr. Suess was one of our first introductions to the necessity for us to speak up and act on behalf of Mother Nature. The Lorax spoke inspirationally when he said, “I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues”.

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It’s an overwhelming amount of work and change that needs to happen. We need everyone to feel included and capable of participation. Unfortunately, there are so many barriers to feeling confident and prepared to start playing outside. The cost of new, retail equipment can be exorbitant. It can be challenging to access the information needed to participate in adventure sports safely and ethically. Often, a mentor and transportation are next to impossible to find.

The above are barriers of inclusion. The rerouted co-op provides: 

  • Functional, used equipment at fair prices
  • Reliable education and information
  • Engagement with customers, nonprofits and business
  • Direct service to make trading easier

Adventure sports provide so much opportunity for people to grow both personally and professionally. We hope to inspire more people to take action towards supporting our favorite adventure sports. Teaching more people how to safely and responsibly engage with nature will only strengthen our efforts to make a difference. 

1980 Volkswagon Vanagon

The rerouted co-op is committed to developing a variety of programs that directly respond to some of the major issues regarding participation and protection of adventure sports.

  • Upcycling - re-purposing gear that is no longer functional 
  • Sustainability - creating a model that is clean and efficient
  • Community - promoting community events and participation for local areas
  • Access - making activities and locations easier to get to, with minimal impact
  • Education - training people to become passionate wilderness advocates