Frequently Asked Questions:

What if my gear isn’t what I wanted?

If for any reason your purchase isn’t exactly what you expected, you are welcome to take advantage of our 14-day, no questions asked, return policy. Our job is to outfit you with the right gear for your adventure. If we blew it, we make it right.

Do I have to send gear to you? How can I give you my stuff?

There are many ways to get your gear to Rerouted. We attend events across the country, have pick-up locations throughout the Colorado and New Mexico area, and also provide free shipping labels for all sold and donated gear. Learn more about Selling Used Outdoor Gear and Donating Used Outdoor Gear.

Where are you located?

We are located in Carson, New Mexico, however as an ecommerce company, the vast majority of our gear is bought, sold, and donated virtually. So, the honest answer is: the internet.

What charities do you work with?

We work so many great charities. Some of our local Northern New Mexico Partners are NM Wilderness Alliance, Adaptive Sports NM, and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps NM. You can see all of our charity partners here.

Where do you get your stuff from?

Our gear comes from rad outdoor enthusiasts who sell or donate their gear to us. We also work with local organizations (gear stores, guide outfitters, wilderness nonprofits, etc.) to help them sell their used gear online. 

Where do you keep/store it?

We keep all of the gear in our warehouse in Carson, New Mexico.

How do I get it if I don't live near you?

We ship your gear to you. Or, if you’re lucky, you can meet us out at an event and we will hand deliver it. 

What can I get for selling my used gear?

Once you fill out the form on our Selling Used Outdoor Gear page, we will reply with a quote. Otherwise, you are welcome to visit our Donating Used Outdoor Gear page if you’d like to donate instead.

What types of equipment do you sell?

We sell all types of used outdoor gear, from skis to hiking boots, climbing carabiners, clothing from brands like Patagonia, Columbia, Mountain Hardwear, and more.

Can I try it on? 

If you’re local to the Carson, NM area, you are welcome to stop by our warehouse and try on the item you’re interested in! If you’re not, we have a 14-day, no questions asked return policy!

Do I get paid for selling gear? How does the payment work?

You set the price for what you think the gear is worth when you upload it to the Rerouted site. We currently take 15% of the sold items price in order to keep our site running and develop new features to help our customers.