Buy, Sell & Donate Outdoor Adventure Gear: Rerouted's Frequently Asked Questions


Who are the people building Rerouted?

We have a passionate crew of environmentalists that are working tirelessly to make the used gear exchange instant & easy for buyers & sellers. Our team is scattered internationally, from Colorado to Boston to Seattle to Canada to Russia. We are unified by the vision that affordable, accessible used gear can serve as a foundation to help anyone create the wilderness adventure of their dreams (while keeping functional gear from collecting dust & out of the landfill).

Where are you located?

We are located in Durango, Colorado. We love the high alpine tundra. We aren't city people & are always chasing isolation, However as an recommerce company, the vast majority of our gear is bought, sold, and donated virtually. So, the honest answer is: the internet. Our goal is allow anyone, anywhere to participate in the used gear exchange without wasting time energy or effort. 

How do I sell my second-hand outdoor gear on Reroutedf?

Easy - check out our stupidly easy gear uploader. UPLOAD LINK. Sell or donate gear nearly instantly. We will make sure your gear gets in front of people eager to buy that gear for their next adventure. 

It's as easy as Reroute It, Sell It, Ship It, Get Paid. As soon as your gear sells, we send you a shipping label. Pack it up as environmentally as you can while protecting the gear. Then, when that gear is in the air - we'll send you your money. Get paid -> go play. 

What percentage are you taking off the sale?

At the moment, we just want you to pay us with your feedback! Free to list. No fee to buy. We are grinding behind the scenes twisting the knobs to make this experience possible and want your experience to be as frictionless as possible right now. Speaking of that - send our CEO your feedback about anything today -

How do I get paid?

We are extremely flexible. We want you to sell your gear & are happy to work with you to find the best way to get paid. PayPal, Venmo or an old school check are all possible if you wish. We suppose we'd rather not send cash in the mail.

What charities do you work with?

We work with way too many charities to list right here. Check out our neighbors in Northern New Mexico! Some of our partners are NM Wilderness Alliance, Adaptive Sports NM, and Rocky Mountain Youth Corps NM. You can see the rest of our charity partners here and help support their incredible efforts. We at Rerouted are proud to support these charity's efforts!

Where do you get your stuff from?

Our gear comes from rad outdoor enthusiasts who sell or donate their gear to us. We also work with local organizations (gear stores, guide outfitters, wilderness nonprofits, etc.) to help them sell their used gear online. We want all gear to find their way to a new owner as soon as possible. 

Where do you keep/store it?

We have a handful of gear in our garage here in Colorado - but most of our gear is being uploaded by all of you amazing folks who are looking to clean out their garages & get gear to people that just want to play outside. 

How do I get it if I don't live near you?

Your second-hand gear will end up on your doorstep as soon as possible. We want our shopping experience to be just as easy to shopping for something brand new. Buy it & it's yours. Used like new gear for you - when you need it. 

Rerouted Policies

What if my gear isn’t what I wanted?

If for any reason your purchase isn’t exactly what you expected, you are welcome to take advantage of our 5-day, no questions asked, return policy. Our job is to outfit you with the right gear for your adventure. If we blew it, we make it right.

What types of equipment do you sell?

We sell all types of used outdoor gear, from skis to hiking boots, climbing carabiners, clothing from brands like Patagonia, Columbia, Mountain Hardwear, and more.

Can I try it on? 

We definitely want you to only pay for gear that works for you. If it doesn't fit - we have a 5 day, no questions asked return policy. Just let us know!