how to donate adventure gear to the rerouted co-op!

Please help us make this inventory epic and endless. We know there is stuff that you have in a storage unit, garage or in your living room.

We understand that your gear is loved - and you have shared many adventures with it, but helping the rerouted co-op #gearupforgood benefits both future buyers and nonprofits.

Can you honestly tell me that you are actively using all of your gear? Help gear play until it has exhausted it's full potential. That's how it would want to go out. At the top of a mountain. You know it.

There are a few ways for you to donate gear with the rerouted co-op! 

ship it to us

Feel free to ship boxes of gear directly to the warehouse. It is our goal to compensate you for your time and energy while donating gear.

We need to know your name and email plus the size and weight of your package so we can send you a shipping label! 

get a free shipping label!

meet the magoo

Go check out the magoo schedule and link up with us on the road. We would love to hit up your local crag with you, especially if you bring friends! We will be updating as accurately and rapidly as possible. Social media is a good way to know where we are at any time. We want it to be as easy as possible to sell gear to the rerouted co-op. We travel where the gear takes us!

organize a pick-up

We are excited to help you get all your gear back into the mountains. We are happy to try and coordinate special pickups for bigger donations. Ideally, we would like to do this for a larger group - but look forward to coordinating rad Gear-Up's all over! Contact us for more information. 

direct drop off

We are hoping to quickly build a network of locations within our travel areas to serve as gear depots for the rerouted co-op. As we grow, we hope to provide consistent locations for gear drops to happen. If you have any suggestions for gear depot locations, reach out