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Tents, sleeping bags, coolers – if you no longer need your extra camping gear, how should you sell them and get some extra cash? Camping is a great activity that can help us reconnect with the beautiful outdoors. Sometimes, all we need is an extended trip to revitalize our bodies and mind. However, we may end up with materials and equipment that we no longer need. Instead of leaving it in the garage to collect dust, we can sell it to others so they can also experience the joys of camping -while also simultaneously fostering a sustainable environment by reusing...

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Rerouted is on a mission to revolutionize the used gear industry. We want to build the best website to sell outdoor gear. Currently, selling used outdoor gear online is overwhelming. There are so many aspects of the exchange that breed distrust & simply take too much time. That’s why so much gear gets put in storage indefinitely. It collects dust waiting to be taken to the landfill. Rerouted’s goal is to save all that gear & get it into the mountains with people that want to play outside.  Through this article, I am going to share all my insights about...

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