Week 1 recap

Week 1 recap

Secrets & celebrations

Sometimes the biggest moments can’t be shared immediately. We have to take a few moments to celebrate. A step back, to reflect, to cheer a win. Often, the most creative moments happen during these times. You’re motivated and high-energy. 

I like to share as much and as frequently as possible. As a result of that, the team has completed a multitude of tasks for this week that we can announce. We have a prototype of the chrome extension. We are super proud of how effective it is. Secondly, we have a new upload form that is being announced at the end of this week. It should make everyone’s lives SO much easier. 

A website cleanup is on it’s way. A full overhaul. Funnel suggestions our directions. Celebrate and collect feedback for more updates. These are two foundational keys to success. 

The Big Show

Presentations are a good culmination of months of work. I suppose I didn’t realize that that process was one of the most important parts of our early education. I find myself giving presentations often and frequently.

They give you the opportunity to show off - to share your story - to show your results. While there is certainly a standard template, you can really make it your own.


There is something that is satisfying about tasks like shoveling snow off the patio. Tangible. Manageable. Achievable. 

It’s good to get a win. Small as it is. Boy, it’s cold out there though. Winter is here. Keep you nose in the grindstone.

Drive time is think time

Have I shared on this blog how much I love to drive? There is a book named Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck. One of my favorites. He says that driving is meditative. Because all the actions and behaviors that we do while driving are buried within our subconscious. You don’t need to consider looking in the rearview mirror - you just do it. 

During the longest of long drives you can just fall into the zone. You can dig deeper than normal because the distractions are so much less. The phone is away. It’s not safe to allow distractions. It makes it possible to reveal & uncover many thoughts.


It is so much fun to go through the motions of reconnection. To chat with old friends and update them about exciting changes. I am so blessed that my business connections & my friendships overlap so amazingly. I get to work & have friends simultaneously. Wow. What a charmed existence this is. It’s worth every bit of hard work.

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