things that last

These blogs are supposed to be for the long term. They are intended to be much more valuable than my daily reflections. I am sharing the ideas and concepts that have chronicled the early days of a developing business man. The Founder’s journey.

Occasionally, I get lost in the immediate present. However, the more we build this company, the less urgent the present becomes. We are able to look three months, a year, five years down the line. 

Long term planning is a skill that develops only when Maslow is satiated. The long term is for people who are able to thrive, not survive. Foresight is a gift when urgency is eliminated.

It seems that the most valuable thing that a quality founder or CEO can do is find a way to integrate foresight with desperation. Problems become opportunities.

To build anything that has the power to last - you must work harder, prepare better, react to the unexpected and imagine impossibilities.

Originally written on June 9, 2020.

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