satire is king

I love satire. Parody has been around for centuries. By definition - satire uses humor, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticize. I suppose it’s commonly seen in the context of politics and pop culture. 

I don’t feel like this captures the full scope of satire. It is a creation that contains opinion. I have written articles, wrote songs, drawn pictures all to satirize current events and express my opinion as reflected in these people and situations.

Centuries ago Swift and Milton crafted the earliest iterations of satire. Swift wrote A Modest Proposal, which suggests satirically that the only solution for the problems caused by leadership was to start eating babies and selling their meat. Milton reimagined and satirized the only real pop culture of the era with Paradise Lost - a retelling of the Bible’s Genesis story. 

Satire is a critical component of expression that encourages conversation. Dissent is key to progress. Satire has the capacity to engage in a thoughtful and productive discussion without being unapproachable. 

Humor really is the best medicine.

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