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reach out

Derek Talyor  Guest blog by Derek Talyor
What we're experiencing lately can be not only taxing on our mental and emotional state, but exhausting and at times overwhelming on our physical selves. This is okay. It's the new commonplace under these circumstances. This is not something that we've prepared for. It's new. It's frightening. It's what we have right now.
The best that we can do for now is to find coping mechanisms. Ones that suit us personally.
I watch nostalgic sitcoms and movies to bring me to an easier time. I take drives and walks with my g'boy Walter to see him enjoy life without concern or worry and then I revel in that innocence. I enjoy a cocktail and hypothetically conceive of future get-togethers that will be epic and full of friends and love.
This is unprecedented and weird. None of us are completely prepared for this. What we can and must do is to take care of ourselves. We must find our points of light and life that will walk us through this.
If you're someone that is finding it hard to do this, you should reach out. You should ask a friend or even a stranger to hold you to the ground. Mental and emotional trauma in this cacophony of horrible times is real and present. These are the times that we need other humans. And that is not a bad thing. The fact that we need each other is not a weakness. It's not a failing. It's what defines us as a one world community. I am you. You are me. There is no shame in needing each other.
We are in danger. There is no question. But we need not be alone. Reach out to your closest friend. Or reach out to a complete stranger. You would be amazed at how human we truly are.
'Despite everything, I believe people are truly good at heart.'
Take that quote with you as you lay your head on your pillow tonight. I love almost all of you. Be safe, be smart and be human.
Photo by Emma Simpson on Unsplash

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  • Patricia Ballentine

    Touching and wise words from a truly loving and alive man.

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