Pitches are stories

Pitches are stories

They're just graphics to tell the right story. They supplement a conversation. They are a guiding force to keep both the presenter and the audience on track. As with any other art form, there aren’t any right or wrong answers. The story can be owned by you - tell it in the most impactful way you can. The overarching question is why should we give you (Rerouted) money?

Sometimes I simply write quick essays answering this question to explore. Long ago I learned an essay is just an exploration of a hard question. These essays are never the same - the pitch has an energy of its own. Constantly changing & evolving. 

I want a deck that supports an organic exploration of this question. The deep dives (slides) act as supporting evidence. What would you want to know if you were cutting someone a check? 

  • What is the problem your customers are facing?
  • What did you do to fix it? What did you create?
  • How’d you figure it out when no one else did?
  • Does it work? Do people like it?
  • Are people going to pay for it? If yes, how much?
  • How do you keep growing and how big can you get?

That’s it. You nail these questions and I don’t know how people don’t cut the check. I’ll let y’all know how this takes care of Rerouted in the upcoming weeks. Sidebar: It's pretty neat that I can synthesize a deck template off the cuff. This is indicative of the immense effort & energy that I have spent in this space. Just a year ago, I’d never even looked at a pitch deck.

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