Doubling down

I accidently dropped the ball and didn't post yesterday. To make up for it - see below. :)

People are great

It’s wild how quickly people were willing to revert back to normal. It only took one or two months for handshakes to come back in full force. The energy and atmosphere of people being together is an obviously exhilarating feeling. 

I always used to love the very first day of any new program or class. You are surrounded by a group of people that are obligated to consume the same material as you for an extended period of time. These cohorts have the opportunity to generate some of the most meaningful relationships in our lives. 

They say that there are a few factors in building relationships: proximity, similarity & intensity. I am always seeking those people in my life.

Instant testing

Events are taking all kinds of different approaches to COVID protocols. It’s an intriguing question to solve independently. Every conference is different, proof or no proof. Vaccines or no vaccines. 

Today is NOT about politics. What it does remind me of is some of my favorite zombie books. In some stories, the virus takes days to zombify you. A long incubation period. In these stories, testing is constant, everywhere you go. Most characters are tested 10 times a day.

Why? Why is this mandatory? Well, because the consequences of a zombie outbreak in a sports stadium was catastrophic. Where do we draw the line as catastrophic? That’s not something that’s easy to answer.

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