desert walks

To celebrate Memorial Day. We went on a long, windy, windy walky across the desert. Up the ridgeline San Antonito Mountain. The goal was to stretch our legs with some old friends and take our pups on a jaunt. 

We weren’t dreaming of the summit. Casual adventure was the intention - and we successfully accomplished the mission. Something I had lost track of was the deceit of the desert. The optical illusions are out of control.

You park - you look up and see what seems like a manageable walk. The whole path is rolled out in front of you. The top seems within reach. Then you start walking. And keep walking. Keeping your eyes ahead - it’s hard to process the fact that your physical effort is seemingly ineffective. Your eyes convince you the end is in sight, but your legs (and logic) present reality. 

This turns back to business. I am a leader. The decision maker. The one who is forced to believe what I see - despite the reality of the moment. It can’t ever matter how far the slog is - I will always do my best to navigate the trail, clear the obstacles and make the path an easier one to follow.

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