12-19-19: different adventures

There are so many ways to define adventure. When I was growing up, an adventure was going into the neighborhood woods with my friends. A quarter mile seemed like an eternity. Walking to the local convenience store for snacks was a significant occasion. 

Getting a Driver’s License was a monumental game changer. It was immediately after this that my buddies and I went on the adventure that would define a decade. We went backpacking for Labor Day weekend. The wilderness certainly had a hold on me.

I pursued the wild, and action sports, aggressively. I chose to go to school in Colorado because of the access to the wilderness. Climbing, skiing and whitewater all dominated my psyche - and nearly every decision I made between the ages of 16-25 was made by this obsession.

Recently, this business has managed to be a bigger adventure than I’d ever imagined. As is generally the case with adventures - they spawn a consciousness of their own and we are along for the ride.

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