12-14-19: a few of my favorite things

I am not a highly sentimental person. There are only a few objects that I hold close to my heart. For the most part - people, relationships and adventures are meaningful to me. Once an object has exhausted its effectiveness, I am quick to remove it from my world. 

However, there are a few things that I will never relinquish despite their ‘uselessness’. I have a technicolor Slurpee hat that has been faded to grey. The story about the hat (in short a random gift at the perfect time) and the amazing colors are what keep this close to home. My brother replaced my original out of nowhere on the day I knew it was time to retire number 1. 

I have a sweatshirt that I won my first poker tournament in. I have no idea how we ended up with this sweatshirt or who left it at my house. Yet, I wore it (and won loads of money in it). The memories attached are what make it significant.

 I paid five dollars or less for all these objects. Both hats and the free sweatshirt. And almost 5 years later the stories (and the intentions) behind these objects give them a prominent role in my life to this day. Despite them being disgusting, threadbare and destroyed. It’s the thought that counts.

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