12-05-19: truths and consequences

People do not share identical truths. Nature and nurture train our brains to think a certain way, to perceive behaviors and events in a specific way. 

As a result - I find it hard to come up with many situations that have clear black and white decisions. Right vs. wrong (based on our cultural standards) is ultimately defined by our legal system. 

The law and religion offer education and guidance when it comes to understanding how to build our core values. Our family and friends offer another. The chemistry of the mind mingles with the foundation of our experience.

Discrepancies in perspective cause the majority of conflict in the world. Years ago, I remember a comedian say (while discussing religion), ‘you’re wrong! Because you believe in a different invisible man in the sky.’ 

I butchered the quote - but it still raises questions. Should someone else’s beliefs, values or perspective invalidate another’s? Debate, conversation and communication are amazing. Every human deserves the opportunity to change their minds or persuade others.

It seems like the right way to do this still remains a mystery. If I could wish for any kind of magic - it would be to give the ability to emulate the full, complete mindset and heart of another. 

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