11-5-19: why mornings

Mornings are my time. Years ago, a study that explained how people reach peak mental efficiency during specific times of the day. The early bird versus the night owl. The morning’s quiet stillness combine with a refreshed ability to create and make decisions. 

Disregarding a few aberrant periods in my teenage years, the mornings have served as my sanctuary. My family is the same way. The Grubbs (and Samantha) are morning people. My family anecdotally proves that these intellectual preferences are passed down generationally.

My grandmother was always the first person moving in the house. She’d be listening to an audio book before four am. My dad used to leave for work before five am. Both my siblings prefer to start their day long before the sun rises.

The reason for this transgenerational behavior is likely two fold. First, our minds natural inclination to be inspired during the mornings. Which would explain why I haven’t needed an alarm in two weeks (regardless of the four am start). Second, I grew up admiring this behavior. If my heroes wake early - so must I. 

Many brilliant people start their day early and brag about it. There is nothing to brag about. It’s just my preference. It’s like bragging about liking vanilla ice cream. My research shows that the majority of people who get up early enough to be cringeworthy are also prolific nappers (myself included).

Sleep is crucially important. When does your brain function best? If you can, make that time work efficiently for you. Create a plan to capitalize on peak efficiency. Plan to do work the hardest when you stand to gain the most.

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