11-22-19: adventures on the horizon

We are preparing to go on a big climbing trip to Moab. Creeksgiving is a classic climbing destination. We will be joining the masses who are seeking warm weather and quality cracks. 

We are always working, no matter the situation. Our plan is to create some amazing video content and dream about future innovations. Yet, these rare trips to pursue our passions - to step away from the computer - are crucial to remind us why we work so hard.

The saying goes, ‘do what you love and love what you do’. We love what we do. Deeply and truly. We get to give back to charity, we get to make gear affordable, we get to save equipment from the landfill. 

We are stuck in our offices 90% of the time. We are doing the legwork to make the dream accessible to all people. We are spoiled being able to climb five minutes from our house. A change of pace is needed. A break from the screens is needed. 

It has been a big couple weeks trying to get away. The public won’t even know we are gone. Everything should get set in motion appropriately before. Look for us on top of Castleton!

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