1-27-20: two for ones

1-27-20: two for ones

The two for one is one of the marketing ploys that manages to catch me every time. However, I wonder about the logic behind them. What are the retailers or manufacturers trying to accomplish?

Imagine the two for one candy bar. One has to assume they are trying to move products aggressively. They must be continuing to make a profit, or else the corporations wouldn’t participate. 

I think it is the power of the word free. The human condition lends to people doing nearly anything for the word free. Same item - a bag that costs $10 + $5 shipping is much less likely to sell than the same bag, sold for $15 with free shipping. Same price. Exactly. 

But, wouldn’t everyone pick the order that offers free shipping? Nothing is truly free. We, as consumers, need to step up and do the math for ourselves.

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