03-11-20: viruses

03-11-20: viruses

Hottest topic of the week is the CoronaVirus. Covid 19 to use it’s fancy name. Yet another instance to divide the country. People are on both ends of the spectrum from who cares -- to diving into the bunkers. 

What a wild situation. It’s unreal that the scientific community has understood the risks of a global virus for decades. Regardless if the science was there - we are all aware of zombie movies.

So how, could we as a society, have so few protocols and reactions in place to respond. This is much more of a crisis regarding international response to emergencies than the virus itself. 

It is dangerous. We should be hygienic and careful. This is not the first nor the last time a virus will consume the world. This is far from the most deadly. The Black Plague was estimated to have killed 30%-60% of the world's population.

As far as we can tell, this is a hyper infectious form of the flu/cold. Could you imagine, if the virus was truly as nasty as it could be. We’d all be in deep trouble. We are obligated to learn from this situation. How will we respond more appropriately and effectively to prevent crisis and viruses from spreading.

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