01-18-20: pitching

01-18-20: pitching

This is the pitch summary we have been working on. I wanted to share a modified version with everyone this morning. I’d love thoughts, ideas and feedback!

The rerouted co-op has built much momentum since we launched in April of 2019. We have organized many community oriented non-profits to participate in rerouted sponsored events and marketing plans. We are a social enterprise that is committed to the wilderness. Our mission is to make sure that our natural environment, and the ways people engage with nature, is done responsibly and sustainably. Every layer of the rerouted co-op was designed to extend the lifespan of gear and reduce our impact on mother nature. 

We chose Northern New Mexico for two major reasons. First, the wild landscape caters to the interests and hobbies of our employees and client base. Second, we believe that this area has so much potential to be a destination for adventure enthusiasts. We plan to promote an eco-friendly and inspirational work environment on a large scale. 

We are able to promote recycling and upcycling services on a massive scale to an industry that is notoriously wasteful. We can give significant funding back to organizations that can make huge impacts. We are reinventing a trade that was previously time consuming and unreliable. It’s important to mention our ability to buy and sell used gear as professional and fair arbitrators. 

The rerouted co-op is a dynamic business that can participate and sponsor an endless variety of events. We are coordinating with charities climbing gyms, breweries and public parks. This versatility allows us to be present in innumerable demographics and support as many charitable organizations as possible. 

In addition, our ability to pivot also lends to some very exciting additional revenue streams as time progresses. It would be logical for the rerouted co-op to pursue education, gear rentals, and retail storefronts. We have a podcast in production and many exciting event and partnership opportunities on the horizon. 

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