01-15-20: amped up

01-15-20: amped up

This is the hardest time of year to stay rallied. It’s so cold and dark. It can take significant work to start your day before the sun. Now, is when it is most crucial to lean on our team and keep persevering. We have been implementing many things to stimulate our energy and focus (like the campus board, working out) to help balance out the stagnation. 

I think we need a celebration. Something that will remind us all the amazing and hard work that we have put in so far. I haven’t decided what we will do. But, we should attempt something memorable. We are coming up on a year since we started the rerouted co-op. We have taken so many HUGE steps forward towards making a rad used gear business that is able to do lots of good for lots of people. 

It’s so inspiring to reflect upon how amazingly well received we have been. We have started trickling our way across the US. We have started creating a positive impact. That is all we wanted to do when we set out on this mission. We are looking forward to creating more!

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