01-14-20: getting stronger

01-14-20: getting stronger

We built a campus board in our living room. Power is what makes this strategy effective. Hard moves with max reps. These moves are big and difficult. It is one of my favorite ways to train. High intensity interval training. HIIT. Commonly found on youtube. These in home workouts have been a fantastic complement to our office work. I always notice how much clearer my mind is when I get my blood flowing. 

I try to train my mind in the same way. I push as hard as I can because I know this is the only way to get tougher. It has been a game changer having the campus board. I can already feel my forearms getting stronger.

For the longest time, I was adverse to working out. It felt like there were so many more important things to be doing. But, the hour long break, the synchronicity of mind and body, make up for that hour lost. I am refreshed and ready to take on the rest of my day.

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